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The workshop experience – David Cramer

I wasnʼt sure what to expect from an Eloquent Light workshop. I knew I liked Craigʼs work and subject matter, but Iʼve been disappointed in photography workshops before. Well, was I in for a treat! Craig is not only a gifted photographer, but he is also a talented teacher who is passionate about art and photography.

His mix of wonderful subjects, along with his insights and capabilities, provided the groundwork for a great workshop experience. It doesn’t stop there. Craig is invested in his students, and works hard to answer questions, offer suggestions, and help them advance in new directions.

Keeping his workshops small gives him ample time to work with each individual. On top of all of that, the man likes to have fun while he works, and that rubs off on all of us! I came away with not only new learning, but also new ideas on how to approach my own photographic work.

–David Cramer, New Mexico



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