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I see these ways that photography has changed my life . . .

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We love these insights into life and image making by photographer Suzanne Teegarden:

Each week the photography workshop I’m attending asks us to write something. Last week I wrote about the ways photography has changed my life.

I incessantly check the weather report – daily reports, hourly reports, sunrise, sunset, high tides, low tides.
I find money on the street – This has been a boon to the vendors of Spare Change since I assume unclaimed money on the sidewalk belongs to them.
I am using a backpack again for the first time in forty years
Like the Eskimos and snow, my vocabulary for light has expanded
My friends wonder why I get up so early – I wonder why they would miss the sunrise.
I look forward to getting lost in the woods.
I know more names and habits of birds, insects, and flowers.
I now walk the places I used to run.
I study the work of famous photographers to see how their pictures differ from mine – then feel pretentious for making such comparisons.
I see new places
I re-see familiar places
I see, I see, I see.

reprinted with permission

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